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New Internal Arts Website Launches Tomorrow!

A Busy Week and an Online School for Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua

Draping_punch_2 I've been working for over two months on a new website and I plan to launch it this week -- on Independence Day. Through this site, anyone around the world will be able to study the Hsing-I, Tai Chi, and Bagua that I've been teaching for so many years.

The site will contain the equivalent of dozens of DVD-quality videos on it, plus e-books and audio, covering these three internal arts plus more. I've done many video shoots, and the editing and video rendering for the web, not to mention the Photoshop work for the photos, is time-consuming and sometimes tedious. At the same time, it's fun and quite amazing to see the material grow larger and larger. There is still a lot left to shoot and edit, but the site will be launched as it continues to grow.

Yesterday morning I shot over an hour of video covering silk-reeling exercises. I get frustrated watching videos of masters doing these exercises but not explaining or really teaching anything, so on this site, I'll do my best to really explain the principles and concepts to help people practice. On Saturday, I shot video of bagua tea-serving exercises and I'm finishing up those videos today. Video lessons run from 4 minutes to 15 minutes and can be viewed unlimited times by members. There are also supporting written materials and e-books for downloading.

This new website will be a membership site. For a very low monthly fee, members can study on their own or seek certification on any of the three arts. They can also choose to seek rank in the system that I've been teaching for over a decade, and join my students.

Over the years, I've received many emails from people around the world asking how they can study these arts when there are no teachers around. This will be an answer to that question. It's an exciting venture. I'll announce the website address on July 4.


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Hi Jamie,
I've been working to add content to the site before announcing details. There is a lot on there now and a lot more to be done. New material will be added daily. There's a discussion board, there will be teleconferences starting next week, and a lot of special features. For example, in I might break down a short video of a master and show how the principles are being revealed in the movement. It will be a site for people who just want to boost what they're learning at their school, or for people who just want to study on their own. However, there will be an opportunity for people to earn rank through my "school." So far I have some student enrolled on the site. They've been testing it and watching as I've feverishly added material this past month. Today, Sean is coming over and we're going to videotape more material -- some key concepts for bagua. That will go on the site right after the 4th of July holiday.

The cost will be $19.99 per month for complete access to videos and the extra download materials (e-books, study guides, etc.). There will be extra charges for "personal coaching" from me, which can be done now through video exchanges -- a student puts his or her techniques and form on a private video and I coach them through a video response.

It's a tremendous job, and I'm doing it all myself, from the video editing to the e-book creation, photo editing and web design. Naturally, there will be the opportunity to cancel membership at any time with the click of a mouse. Also, a money-back guarantee if, at the end of your first month, you think it sucks. :) Instant refund through PayPal. I'm pretty confident that people will get something out of it.

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