Hsing-I Straight Sword DVD
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Fun with Straight Swords

I've always believed that if you're going to learn a form, you should learn to fight with the movements and techniques from the form. Why, for example, should you learn a sword form if you don't learn sword-fighting?

I have Sifu Phillip Starr to thank for this philosophy. The years I spent training with him in Omaha were valuable, because we trained as hard in the sword-fighting techniques, or staff-fighting techniques, or spear or broadsword -- as we did with the form itself. I try to do that with my own students.

So in my newest DVD, which I just finished today, I not only teach a powerful Hsing-I straight sword form, I teach the fighting techniques you need to know to use a straight sword for self-defense. The video clip below contains a glimpse of some of the form instruction, and then some of the applications from the movements shown. The DVD also includes stances, blocking and cutting techniques, sword & scabbard techniques (how to use a scabbard for combat), one-steps to practice with a partner, and more. I also show you why you shouldn't study with anyone who claims that the empty hand in a sword form is used for "channeling chi" (you know, the two finger position of the empty hand). Enjoy the video. Sean and I are sweatin' to the oldies on a 90-degree day in my back patio studio. :)


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BobGo Oaklandude

So just clarify for me, is your assistant in this new Hsing-I Straight Sword DVD the very same Sean Ledig I've been sparring with in comments? Ken, you should sometime do a cane self-defense DVD with me as your assistant (a little less hazardous than playing with pointy metal).

Sean C. Ledig

Hey Bob,

Yep. That's me. Don't worry about the pointy metal. I have perfected the art of Golden Armor Kung Fu. Those swords would break on my chi if he tried to stab me.

Go A's!

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