New DVD - Chen Tai Chi Broadsword Form
Congratulations to a new Brown Sash Student--Chris Miller!

A Visit from Rich Coulter

Kenrichweb2_2 Rich Coulter and his family--wife Shawna, son Izaiah and step-daughter Mallory--spent the last two days and nights with me and Nancy at our home in Tampa. It was a great time. Our pool needed a couple of kids under the age of 11 to give it the workout it needed. :)

Rich was in high school when he became one of my first kung fu students in 1997. He was a natural and became a legend on the Midwest tournament circuit, winning first place in nearly every competition he entered for several years. The man was a maniac! Anyone who has purchased the Tournament Sparring DVD has seen many clips of him kicking some major boo-tay.

This weekend we took some time to train and focused on some basics--silk-reeling and whole-body movement. It was great to work together. At theKenrichweb1  end of our workout today, we videotaped some 2-person Hsing-I exercises for the online school. I'll edit those and put the videos on the site for members in the next couple of days. The photo at left is from the video we shot. Rich got a taste of what it's like to do an outdoor workout during the most humid and warm time of year in Florida.

It's an amazing thing to see a high school kid come in to check out a martial arts class one evening, and over time he becomes part of your family. I could list several students, current and former, who have become much more than students to me. But Rich is the one who has persisted in the arts for 11 years, and I imagine we'll be training together for many years to come.


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Chris Miller

YAY!!! the 2 man forms!

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