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New DVD Coming June 30 -- the Chen Tai Chi 38 Form

Lazy4In two days, on Saturday, May 16, I'll hold a workshop in Moline, Illinois on the applications of the Chen 38 form. This is the last piece I need to complete the DVD of the Chen 38. The DVD will be ready to his this site on Saturday, May 30 -- the week after Memorial Day weekend.

The DVD will include multiple angles of the form plus detailed instruction on each individual movement, with an emphasis on internal body mechanics. The final section of the DVD will include at least two and probably more fighting applications for each of the 38 movements. It will probably cover close to 100 fighting applications.

I expect the DVD will be well over 2 hours long and I'll probably have to make it a 2-DVD set. My goal is to provide the most detailed DVD on the market that actually teaches the form instead of just showing repeated movements.

This is a great form that is a combination of Laojia and Xinjia, with more obvious spiraling than the Chen 19 form. I've performed the Chen 38 even in "open" tournaments. By adding fa-jing throughout the form, it's a powerful competition form that even karate and TKD judges can understand (a little).

When this DVD is finished, I'll make it available by itself on this blog and I'll bundle it with the Internal Strength, Silk-Reeling, Chen 19, and Chen Broadsword DVDs for a complete course in "basic" Tai Chi that gives you a real solid foundation in the art. If you know someone who is interested, send them a link to this post. And STAY TUNED -- in a few days, I'll offer the new DVD at a SPECIAL PRE-RELEASE DISCOUNT with free shipping.



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